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How is Reiki Performed?

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine called energy healing. This healing technique is based on the principle that the therapist can channel Reiki energy, also known as universal life form energy, into the client by means of touch or non-touch, to activate and naturally restore physical and emotional well-being.

How does Reiki benefit you?

Reiki over the years has been proven to improve physical symptoms such as; Back pain, shoulder injuries, knee pain, tooth pain, headaches, migraines relief, swelling of joints, chronic fatigue, IBS symptoms, bloating, and sore throat. 

It has also been known to benefit you emotionally and uplift you mentally. freeing you from old patterns and blockages. 

Reiki energy enhances your energy levels and opens you up to a calming more approachable way to live in balance and joy which in turn creates inner freedom.


Here at Angelic Wings of Reiki, I provide 60-minute,  90 minutes & 2 hour sessions in comfortable and soothing surroundings. I channel universal life force energies through the palms of my hands into your body, creating relaxation, calm, and a high level of comfort in your mind, body, and spirit.

Sessions cost £55 per hour

Opening hours are Monday to Friday from 9 am – 7 pm (the last session begins at 6 pm). And Saturday from 9 am – 3 pm.  If you would like to book a Reiki session, please book here..

Where to find us;

We are located at the Sage Therapy Centre, 635 Western Blvd,  Nottingham, NG8 5GS.

Distance Healing Sessions cost £45 per hour

Distance healing is a spiritual practice. It comes through a form of energy that moves beyond time, space and sight, without the practitioner’s immediate contact with the client. The practitioner sets an intention for this healing to reach the individual, through a divine channel.

What Is Reiki And Where Did It Originate

Mikao Usui is the Japanese founder of Reiki. Reiki is an intelligent energy of pure love light and wholesomeness.

The simple definition of reiki is universal or spiritual [REI] energy [KI]

Mikao Usui was born on August 15th 1865 in a village of ‘Tanai-mura’ in the Yamagata district of Gifu Kyoto japan.

Usui decided to do a 21 day meditation and fast, by the end of this period he intuitively was given a gift by the universe, the gift of the 3 levels of the Reiki system. Level 1, 2  masters & master teaching. He went on to teach many students at all levels in the east, as time evolved symbols were also incorporated into the Reiki energy system for strengthening the influence of the energies. Mikao Usui passed away in 1926. Leaving behind a gift of life to support many people to naturally heal. Reiki was introduced to the west by Hawayo Takata in the 1900’s. 

Reiki today in the west is performed by someone who has to be attuned to the Reiki system by a master teacher. 

The Reiki practitioner now has the ability to channel powerful yet gentle life force healing energy alongside great intent from the soul and spirit to go through the palms of there hands, into the clients body through means of touch or sent distantly. clearing energetic blockages, tears in the aura and removing emotional mental physical and spiritual imbalances of the recipient, whilst naturally restoring a deep sense of clarity, calm and inner peace for your well being. 

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment nor is it a diagnostic system. When you use Reiki you find many more ways to work with and gain value from it. The possible ways and systems for working with universal life form energies.

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