What My Clients Say

Usha is a warm hearted and gifted healer who creates a tranquil and safe space for her clients. The reiki session I experienced was a powerful and healing experience and I highly recommend this lady 💚xx


I really enjoyed my reiki session with Usha, it was the first time I’ve ever had anything like this so was a little apprehensive. But Usha was brilliant - welcoming and professional in her set up.

The treatment itself really helped me relax after a stressful few weeks and would highly recommend.

Usha even kept in touch afterwards to see how I was feeling and make sure the treatment effects were lasting well.


Usha embodies all that Reiki is. You can feel that from her even before she begins any healing with you. Usha has a natural calming effect, you feel safe and relaxed in her healing environment.

Usha’s Reiki healing is very powerful. Personally it made a profound impact on myself in terms of removing things that no longer served me. Her aftercare is second to none, always checking in and suggesting ways to further support my Reiki healing.

I have already recommended Angelic Wings Of Reiki to many of my friends and family.


I visited Usha for a Reiki treatment. I found her professional and very welcoming. The Reiki treatment was so relaxing in a beautiful room that puts you at ease. Usha is very intuitive and puts things over to you in a professional and caring way. I will definitely be visiting Usha again as the Reiki helps you to relax and release any problems.


As soon as I walked through the door, I felt completely at ease and in safe hands. After struggling with a few interval issues from my past and hearing amazing things about Reiki, I thought I would give it a go. What can I say, after leaving my session I felt relaxed, calmer and like a weight had been lifted. Usha is incredible at what she does, I will definatley be returning. 5 star and highly recommended.


I have gone to Usha, for many sessions of Rekhi perviously and would rate both Usha and the experience highly.

They have both helped me feel more balanced at times when I have been emotionally very low. I have had rekhi for a number of different reasons; when run down by life, exhausted from fatigue related to a few issues health wise and also when happy and just for the extra calming it always leaves me with.

Usha always makes me feel relaxed and I always leave with a spring back in my step and some calm in my mind. She is such a kind, calm and caring lady and really makes you feel relaxed and comfortable. I will definitely be going back to see Usha again. Xx

Emma Dean

As soon as usha began the reiki healing, I could feel my energies clearing throughout my body as the experience went on (and within the chakras she was focusing on in each moment) so that all that was left at the end was a very positive and peaceful feeling. I personally suffer from anxiety and ever since my session, the things that used to trigger it before, don’t as much, it was like a form of therapy.

The feedback I got from my practitioner was very helpful as usha, could see thing's that I didn’t know myself, a presence of angelic protection around me. Ever since, there has always been a sense of security knowing that I have guidance around me always. Usha also informed me on which chakras of mine were the strongest and why.

I highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a way to find peace, to feel balanced or simply if you would like to try out something new.


I had a wonderful experience with Usha.

She was a warm and inviting soul whom immediately made me feel at ease... it soon because veet apparent she was a gifted lady.

My reiki was utter bliss from start to finish and afterwards she gave me wonderful insight on many things.. I wholeheartedly recommend her and what she offers to the world of wellness and healing.

Thank you Usha.

Love Becky xxx


From the moment that I walked into the building I was greeted with a sense of calmness. Usha oozes serenity! Throughout the process she demonstrated a genuine gentle attentiveness. During the session I felt a calm that I’ve never felt before, I was totally relaxed and felt a sense of warmth. The rooms aroma and decor added to the wonderful experience. After my session I felt cleansed, renewed and refreshed. Usha recommended things I could do once I left the session which was useful. I would wholeheartedly and highly recommend ushas reiki experience. Thank you Usha xx
I came to see Usha because I had a lot on and was feeling stressed and anxious on a daily basis. I'd not tried reiki before and I didn't really know what to expect, but I'd heard that it can help with all sorts of things and wanted to give it a go. The look and feeling of the studio room we went in was lovely - very calming and pleasant to be in. Usha is an absolute star and has such a nice vibe about her. She made sure I was comfortable and explained everything that I could expect. The reiki massage was even more effective than I was expecting. It was so calming and made me feel completely relaxed. I was able to escape my worries in that time and when I left, I felt refreshed and ready to take things on in a more positive and constructive way. I recommend everyone give this a go!


I haven’t had reiki before and was some what sceptical, although I am a spiritual person so gave it a try.

I was amazed by how much was revealed after the session regarding how I was feeling and what approaches to take to balance those feelings out. I was highly emotional and the flud-gates opened ( for a few days). I felt lighter in my being and tackled things in a positive light. I would definitely do it again.